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David Morales (Saturday, November 4 2017)

Carlotta Rogers (Tuesday, October 17 2017)

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(Thursday, July 22 2010)

Goodbye... for now! A few months ago, we received word that this website would be closing. Shortly after that, we received word that someone else would be taking over the website and would no longer be closing. Yay! Then we received ...more

(Wednesday, September 2 2009)

It''s Been A Busy Day For starters, Calvin lost his 2nd tooth tonight, in an epic battle of wills wherein Calvin had to choose between the excitment of losing another tooth and squeezing some more money out of the tooth ...more

(Tuesday, March 10 2009)

Don''t Get Mad At Me, I''m Just the Messenger "Calvin, you''re growing up so darn fast!" "Yup!" "Pretty soon you''ll be all grown up and then what am I going to do with you?" "Yup!" "So... what do you think you''ll be when you ...more

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    Name: - Calvin
    Birthdate: - Saturday, December 14 2002
    Age: - 14 years, 11 months, 4 days
  • Contact my mom at: skitch at cox dot net